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 Interested in joining the crew?

We want you! Being a crew member is a great way to attend the event while saving some money and contributing. We have a limited number of spots so don’t wait till the last minute to contact us.

To be a crew member, you are required to register and pay before the event (if this is a major problem for you, contact us). You will be reimbursed after the event at the rate of $15/hour. We usually cap reimbursement at 8 hours over the course of the weekend to maximize the number of people we can help attend the event. We’ll make every effort to find a spot of our crew for you, but we can’t make any guarantees.

To apply, please fill out our application form:


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All non-newcomer track groups are folded into a single pool for registration called Full Weekend. Once registered, you have to fill out our Level Check Questionnaire.

Track group descriptions are available here.


This track is for you if…

You are fairly new to Lindy Hop, or have only taken a handful of classes. This is your first Lindy Hop workshop weekend. You’re looking to learn a lot and have a lot of fun. This track will provide just the right amount of classes.

It is a more affordable track perfect for new dancers. The track will be taught by instructors Adam Brozowski & Joshua Mclean.


Partnered swing dancing is a role-based dance. There is a leader and there is a follower. Both partners contribute equally to the dance, but in different ways. The leader is the one usually initiating movement and thinking about the dance in terms of shapes. The follower interprets the lead and moves accordingly, adding their own contributions to the dance. The dancers send each other cues about their movements and intentions through their connection as well as visually. The dance becomes an unspoken conversation between the dancers.