• How to be a good attendee?

    We expect all attendees to be respectful of their fellow dancers and follow our code of conduct.

  • How do I register?

    As long as online registration is open, registering is easy! Just click here and you can register and pay online. Once we have received your payment, you are registered. You will need to fill out our Level Check Questionnaire, unless you choose the Newcomers Special track group. Once online registration is closed, passes may or may not be available at the door.

  • Is there housing available?

    Please check our housing information on the registration page.

  • Are there any crew member positions available?

    Please refer to our join the crew information on the registration page.

  • What should I wear to the classes?

    Please wear dance shoes only to classes, we discourage wearing street shoes to class. You can wear any dance shoe or sneaker that you prefer, as long as it isn’t used on the street to respect the floors. Wear clothes that are comfortable to dance in.

  • Can I videotape at the workshop or dances?

    Videotaping is allowed in between classes but NOT during class. Please ask your instructors if they are okay with you videotaping them after the class. Videotaping is allowed and encouraged at the evening dances and during competitions. If you post footage of the event on YouTube, please include a link to the SATS web page so others can know where to find more info on the event.

  • Why do I have to wear a wristband?

    We have a strict policy about wearing wristbands on wrists. We were lenient in the past and unfortunately some less than honest people took advantage of this. Attendees MUST wear their wristband on their wrist to get into the workshops and dances.

  • How do I change the track level I signed up for?

    If you would like to change your track level, please email our staff. We may not be able to change your track level anymore when approaching the event.

  • I have another question not answered here.

    Contact our staff.