Swingin’ At The Savoy 2015 was here, and what a great event it was!  Each one of us who attended got to carry away a special gift — a new knowledge or a new inspiration, a sense of belonging to a greater community, or to deeper history, and a feel of touching something bigger than any one person can put in words.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • The amazing Norma Miller, who at 95 is still, without a doubt, the Queen of Swing!
  • Chazz Young, for his love of Jazz and Tap, and for leading us into the shim-sham night after night,
  • Chester Whitmore, for skillfully bringing the madness and the best out of dancers,
  • Elliott Donnelley, for bringing to us our very special guests, Norma Miller, Chazz Young, and Chester Whitmore
  • the teachers, for coming from far and near to share their knowledge with us
    • Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl, Ann Mony & Ryan Calloway, Rob & Diane Van Haaren
  • the volunteers, for all of their tremendous help
    • Allison Tan, Ana Lisa Sutherland, Calvin Lu, Debra Swinson, Fred Ramos, Jeannie Tran, Jeremy Sugerman, Jessica Wallace, Juan Lopez, Margaret Winters, Maria Simbirsky, Nathaniel Oman, Stephanie Fang, Tara Yule, Thomas McGlashen, Tomoko Narui
  • For Dancers Only, for hosting the Sunday dance
    • Lori Taniguchi, Margot Helm, Richard Perkins
  • Rob Van Haaren for the video clip sessions and for conducting the Saturday interview
  • Alex Protopopescu for conducting the Sunday interview
  • The Don Neely Swingtet, Katie Cavera & Her Lost Boys, and the Hot Baked Goods for inspiring live music
  • all our DJs, for all the hours of incredible dancing
    • Augie Freeman, Allen Kerr, Gary Sharpe
  • Lori Taniguchi for MCing the evening dance parties
  • Nathan Dias for MCing the Friday late night dance party
  • Alex Fernandez for setting up the Saturday photo booth
  • Larry Colen for his photography work
  • Jim Thorpe and Nicholas Solichin for their videography work
  • but most of all — we want to thank you all for coming!

Swing on, have fun, and spread the joy of Lindy Hop!

Gilles Bouvier, Douglas Mathews, Julie Tsai, Kevin Weng, Idalia Ramos, Amanda Marchand, Philippe Wilson, Carla Heiney, Brian Zimmer