See you next year at Swingin’ At The Savoy 2015!

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February 20-22, 2015



Swingin’ At The Savoy 2014 was here and it was such a fantastic weekend! We heard amazing stories from the legendary Norma Miller, Chazz Young, and Chester Whitmore. We learnt from the best instructors in the world. We watched old movie clips, some of which had rarely been seen. We danced to two oh so inspiring bands and sensational DJs. We danced the Shim Sham, led by non-other than Chazz Young. We were entertained by some incredible contests. We made new friends and reunited with old ones. We remembered Frankie Manning, and all the dancers that have kept the dance alive for us to enjoy.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • the Northern California Lindy Society, for their sponsorship
  • Elliott Donnelley, for bringing to us our very special guests, Norma Miller, Chazz Young, and Chester Whitmore
  • Norma Miller, Chazz Young, and Chester Whitmore for sharing your time and stories with us
  • the teachers, for coming from far and near to share your knowledge with us
    • Thomas Blacharz & Alice Meï, Todd Yannacone & Gaby Cook, Ryan Calloway & Ann Mony, Rob & Diane Van Haaren
  • the volunteers, for all of their tremendous help
    • Jim Thorpe, Alexis Estrada, Jasmine Tabisaura, M.J. Ma, Tomoko Narui, Monica Moritsch, Leonard Wei, Debra Swinson, Andrea Gordon, Lisa Kolbe, Marsha Menzel, Lena Vitalie, Sophie Rubin, Connie Yannacone
  • For Dancers Only, for hosting the Sunday dance
    • Lilly Su, Margot Helm, Lori Taniguchi, Richard Perkins
  • Swing Nation, Nathan Dias, and Alex Protopopescu for conducting the interviews
  • Rob Van Haaren, Thomas Blacharz, and Norma Miller for the video clip sessions
  • Chester Whitmore, for making the Sunday dance extra special
  • Rich & The Rhythm Roustabouts, and Clint Baker’s New Orleans Jazz Band, for inspiring live music
  • all our DJs, for all the hours of incredible dancing
    • Allen Kerr, Alex Fernandez, Gary Sharpe
  • Jean Ma, Bromley Palamountain, Nicole Zuckerman, and Carl Nelson, for being part of the invitational Jack & Jill
  • Nathan Dias, for MCing the dance parties

but most of all — we want to thank you all for coming and enjoying it! Swing on, have fun, and spread the joy of Lindy Hop!

Gilles Bouvier, Audrey Kanemoto, Megan Hornbecker, Kevin Weng, Douglas Mathews,
Tamara Armishev, Julie Tsai, Jeannie Tran, Brian Zimmer, Idalia Ramos

FEBRUARY 20-22, 2015

And remember that we may sell out…

Photos by Jacek Sniecikowski & Angela Lee

This event is co-produced by Wednesday Night HopNCLS – Springboard Productions LLC

Net proceeds will be donated to the Frankie Manning Fund