Swingin’ At The Savoy 2017 is here! Welcome!

Hello, and thank you for being part of Swingin’ At The Savoy 2017!
We are so incredibly excited about our workshop this year, and can’t wait to get started. We wanted to send a few notes out to let you know what to expect and make sure everyone has the best possible time.
Swingin’ at the Savoy has a code of conduct:
We care about the well being of all of our participants and we want everyone to be respectful of their fellow dancers. Please read and follow the Swingin’ at the Savoy code of conduct.
Lake Merritt Dance Center rules:
We are incredibly lucky to be able to hold the day time event at the Lake Merritt Dance Center in Oakland. There is a strict no food/water/water bottles in the Grand Ballroom policy. Go drink or eat outside or in the hallway, and be respectful of this fantastic space.
Event Schedule:
You can find the event schedule here. There is a workshop track class schedule PDF  and a workshop elective class schedule PDF too.
Do Not Miss!
** On Friday & Saturday & Sunday evenings, we will have special presentations and performances during the band breaks:
  • On Friday, we will introduce our very special guests, and Norma Miller, the Queen of Swing. We will then present your world class instructors.
  • On Saturday, Chester Whitmore and Adam Brozowski will perform a killer tap number.
  • On Sunday, Chester’s performance class will start the show, and Norma & Adam’s trickeration class will follow.
** On Saturday evening, from 8pm to 9pm, Manu Smith will interview Norma Miller, Chazz Young, Chester Whitmore, and Sonny Allen.
** On Sunday evening, from 8pm to 9pm, Chris Lee will run a special presentation of an upcoming movie on Chick Webb’s life.
Late night Competitions:
We are excited to have competitions at Swingin’ at the Savoy again this year. Friday will feature a Shim Sham Shake Down. Saturday will feature a Ambidancetrous Jack & Jill. To make it worth the effort, we have some fabulous prizes for all the winners. Details are on our competitions page. Get pumped and bring your best competitor spirit!
  • Cost for the competitions is $5/person
  • Competition sign up closes at 11:30pm
  • The Competitor’s Meeting is at 12:30am
Friday Evening Dance Location (8:30pm to 11:50pm):
Lake Merritt Dance Center
200 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610
Grand Ballroom
The doors will open at 8:15pm on Friday. Our Friday band, the L.A. Swing Barons, will start at 9pm and go until 11:45pm. Make sure to show up early, and don’t miss the show during the band break featuring Norma Miller, the Queen of Swing.
Saturday Evening Dance Location (8pm to 11:50pm):
Lake Merritt Dance Center
200 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610
Grand Ballroom
The doors will open at 7:45pm on Saturday. The interview panel with Norma Miller, Chazz Young, Chester Whitmore, and Sonny Allen, will take place from 8pm to 9pm. Our Saturday band, the L.A. Swing Barons, will start at 9:15pm and go until 11:45pm. We have another killer show planned during the band break.
Friday & Saturday Late Nights Location (12:15am to 3am):
2500 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606
After an evening of dancing, we hope you will want more and dance the night away. Our competitions will take place at 12:45am each night.
Sunday Evening Dance Location (8pm to 11:50pm):
Lake Merritt Dance Center
200 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610
Grand Ballroom
The doors will open at 7:45pm on Sunday. After an hour long history lecture from 8PM to 9PM, Clint Baker’s New Orleans Jazz Band will be swingin’ our evening, as we warm down and say farewell to our magnificent weekend.
Tracks C/D Auditions Location (Saturday 9:30am to 11am):
Lake Merritt Dance Center
200 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610
Grand Ballroom
A reminder that if you wish to be in track B, you do not need to be at auditions. Nina Gilkenson & Adam Brozowski will run the audition process and they will walk you through it. They are masters at it. Show up, don’t be scared, give them your trust, they will tell you what’s best for you. And remember that all tracks have the same fantastic instructors.
We will be opening registration at 9:15am on Saturday, and recommend that you arrive then to give yourself time to check in and warm up before the audition starts.
Workshop Classes Location (Saturday 12:10pm to 5:50pm & Sunday 10am to 5:50pm):
Lake Merritt Dance Center
200 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610
Please check out your class schedule to know when to show up. All classes are at the Lake Merritt Dance Center.
If you are attending classes:
Elective classes start at 12:10PM on Saturday and 10AM on Sunday. The track classes for tracks B/C/D/E will start at 12:10pm on Saturday and Sunday. The track classes for track A will start at 1:20pm on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you give yourselves time to check in, get situated, and warm up before classes. We recommend that everyone brings a water bottle and some snacks. Stay hydrated and pace yourselves! Remember no water/food in the Grand Ballroom.
The Lake Merritt Dance Center has a parking lot in the front (on Bay Place) and a small one in the back. There is also street parking (metered till 6pm on Saturday, free on Sunday). The late night location, Just Dance Ballroom, has parking in the front and the back of the building.
Lunch & Dinner:
There is a Whole Foods very close to the Lake Merritt Dance Center to grab lunch before your classes. There are a number of restaurants in walking distance. Google is your friend to find the best places for dinner based on your preferences.
Weather forecast:
The current weather forecast shows sunny on Friday, cloudy on Saturday, and sunny with some clouds on Sunday. Temperatures between 40s and mid-50s (that’s 6 to 12 degrees Celsius).
We hope you’re as fired up about this weekend as we are, it’s going to be amazing!
See you on the dance floor,
Swingin’ At The Savoy Staff
Amanda, Cari, Hannah, Gilles, Kevin, Stuart



All non-newcomer track groups are folded into a single pool for registration called Full Weekend. Once registered, you have to fill out our Level Check Questionnaire.

Track group descriptions are available here.


This track is for you if…

You are fairly new to Lindy Hop, or have only taken a handful of classes. This is your first Lindy Hop workshop weekend. You’re looking to learn a lot and have a lot of fun. This track will provide just the right amount of classes.

It is a more affordable track perfect for new dancers. The track will be taught by instructors Adam Brozowski & Joshua Mclean.


Partnered swing dancing is a role-based dance. There is a leader and there is a follower. Both partners contribute equally to the dance, but in different ways. The leader is the one usually initiating movement and thinking about the dance in terms of shapes. The follower interprets the lead and moves accordingly, adding their own contributions to the dance. The dancers send each other cues about their movements and intentions through their connection as well as visually. The dance becomes an unspoken conversation between the dancers.