Lori Taniguchi

Lori will be teaching
the Newcomers Special track.

Lori Taniguchi is a well-established instructor, dancer, and scene leader within the San Francisco Bay Area who has ushered hundreds of new dancers towards their passion. Known for her extemporaneous humor and loud voice, she prides herself on inspiring dancers to explore their best selves and to bring those values to their dance floor and community.

Lori especially enjoys working with dancers with two-left feet, friends and coworkers of a lindy addict who have been dragged out on a week night, empowered women striving for personal expression, anyone with a disability or part of a disenfranchised minority, and students who know that practice makes progress. Her teaching focuses on de-gendering dance roles, personal creativity grounded in historical and cultural context, and creating a bigger, better social dance experience.