SATS 2019 Tracks

How the track groups & level checks work:

Our workshop classes are organized in level-based track groups. If you are a newcomer, your track group is the Newcomers Special.

Otherwise, we will use your answers from the level check questionnaire to assign you to a group of similar peers for your Level Check Class (Saturday early afternoon). We will send you your Level Checks group one week before the event. This is not your final placement. The SATS audition team will determine your track group after they evaluate your dancing during Level Checks.

There will be a clear appeal process if you think you were placed in the wrong track. Once you are assigned a track group, you must stay in this group for the whole workshop.

If you want to audition for the TRACK F – Scene Leader, you will need to send us a video audition. Details are below.

You are fairly new to Swing dancing, or have only taken a handful of classes. This is your first Lindy Hop workshop weekend. You’re looking to learn a lot and have a lot of fun. This track will provide just the right amount of classes.

You can dance the foundational moves of Lindy Hop (e.g. the swingout, lindy circle, basic charleston), and you want to improve the consistency of your basics. You enjoy social dancing and find yourself craving more. You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a couple of months, and Swingin’ at the Savoy might be your first weekend event. You are looking to build your vocabulary to have more fun social dancing.

You are very familiar with the foundational moves of Lindy Hop (e.g. the swingout, lindy circle, basic charleston), and you are comfortable with improvisation. You’ve taken on a practice of developing your dancing (e.g. lessons at weekend events, a regular practice group, private lessons, etc). You have been dancing Lindy Hop about weekly for at least six months to a year (perhaps much more). You are looking to expand your vocabulary to have more fun social dancing.

You talk about musicality, connection, momentum, and jazz artists with your friends. You know variations and jazz steps, and are excited to incorporate them into your dancing. You may have started traveling out of town or out of state for dance events. If you enter competitions, you compete at the the amateur or open level. You regularly dance Lindy Hop in your local scene, and have been learning at events outside of your area. You are looking to expand your technique by pursuing teaching styles outside of your comfort zone.

You have been a Lindy Hopper for a few years (at least!), you regularly travel to dance and take classes, and you are one of the better dancers in your scene. You are well versed in the dance, and you have familiarized yourself with the music, jazz structure, music vocabulary (e.g. ‘bar’, ‘phrase’), musical instruments, jazz artists. As you dance, you pay more attention to musicality, than how to execute moves. You may have taken private lessons from a variety of teachers, you’ve learned and performed choreography, and you can dance a variety of swing out styles.

You are among the most practiced and experienced dancers in your scene, and you most likely compete and teach in addition to dancing socially. You have skills, a developed personal style, and are interested in continuously improving both. You experience new ideas that don’t fit in your personal style as an opportunity to grow. You are looking for a challenging class with peers of your level who are as prepared to work for it as you.

This track will audition via video. You will need to send in two videos of you dancing, one to a song slower than 180 bpm, and one to a song faster than 180 bpm. Please upload videos to YouTube as unlisted and then email us the links at Be sure to include your full name and whether this is the slower or faster song in the title of each video. Deadline to submit videos is February 1st, 2019 at midnight.